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ABONEX is looking for carriers with high-quality commercial vehicle fleets

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ABONEX offers both full and partial transport of goods, receiving, pick-up and express transport.

Where we are capable, we can help you get the most out of your delivery vans, vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, large-volume commercial vehicles, towing vehicles, multi-modal transport, air-cushion vehicles, isothermal and refrigerated semi-trailers and with ADR equipment. E-mail us information about their location at

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Advantages of working with ABONEX

  • long standing in the freight forwarding industry guarantees stability and regular payload availability
  • many years of working with haulers lets us understand your needs well
  • we always pay on time and as agreed
  • being a well-managed company guarantees customer satisfaction
  • our dispatchers respond quickly to your needs
  • our staff members speak Slovak, Czech, English, French, Polish, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

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You are not exposed to any risk because we honour all responsibilities and agreed dates. You only need to load the freight and deliver it safely to the final destination. Everything else is handled by ABONEX.

  • [Translate to English:] Meno Priezvisko

    „TEPLAN is a small, family-run transport company that has operated for more than 20 years. For almost 10 of those years we have been working with ABONEX, carrying out a number of regular and one-time transfers. All forwarding through ABONEX has always been under conditions previously agreed and I personally do not remember any complications. All transfers went according to plan and one of the most important things we can rely on is invoices paid on time.“

    Tomáš Teplan, TEPLAN s. r. o.

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