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Transport has been our life for several decades

More than 20 years in business

ABONEX s.r.o. was established in 2001 as an affiliate of T.T.S. Consulting, which had been established six years earlier. We have been forwarding freight for over 20 years, providing transport services to our regular customers and also new businesses, forwarding freight according to their specifications and requirements. Customers can rely on our solutions and for each transport to be completed.

The flexibility and attention we provide our customers is our company's true product.

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Our priorities are to be enthusiastic, flexible, provide good quality, for our dispatchers to communicate professionally and for us to be aware of our customers.

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In 2007, ABONEX joined the Five Stars Network, an international network of companies involved in maritime and aviation transport.

Our own IT software and regular training of staff
are guarantees our success

ABONEX, s.r.o. has its own custom-made information system, The system is called SpedIs and it allows a more flexible response to market demands. SpedIs is constantly being upgraded to meet the requirements of dispatchers and to provide faster, easier and more comprehensive services to regular and new customers.

Our staff receive training regularly and ABONEX supports their self-education and personal growth.

We help the successful be among the best

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    We help customers

    to transport their goods effectively and across borders

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    We help carriers

    to make the best use of their own commercial vehicles, become more prosperous and increase their profits

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    We provide job security and stability

    and we award all our employees, managers and owners actively cooperating to make ABONEX successful with pay rises on an ongoing basis.

Company management:

  • Ing. Peter Formela

    Sales Director

  • Mgr. Peter Formela

    Chief Financial Officer