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Some practical things to know before transporting

, Ing. Peter Formela

Eight questions where the answers are needed before being able to prepare responsibly for shipping.

  1. Who is ordering the shipment? Who is the contact person and how can he or she be reached?

  2. What is the origin (from where) and the destination (to where) of the goods to be transported?

  3. When are the date of loading and the required date of unloading?

  4. If the goods are going to be transported under customs supervision, where will the place of origin and place of clearance be?

  5. What are the type of goods (HS commodity code) and the quantity (weight and dimensions)?

  6. What will be the means of transport (road, rail, ship, aircraft?

  7. What type of vehicle is going to be needed to transport the goods (tarpaulin or canvas cover, refrigerated vehicle, special transport, van)?

  8. What price, menu of services, maturity and payment terms will everyone accept?

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