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Are you interested in actively participating in a satisfying job? Are you a long-time career person wishing to earn more the longer you work. If you like communicating and finding solutions, there are jobs available at our company you will enjoy.

Sales – Dispatching

The education you have achieved is not a criterion to work here. Our main requirements are active command of English and good computer skills. Experience in freight forwarding is not needed. Our training programme will prepare you for sales and dispatching.

Advantages and benefits
our employees appreciate

  • good salary and regular pay rises
  • employees paid on time
  • regular six-month bonuses
  • good teamwork team and a serious approach taken by management
  • flexiblehours
  • opportunity to work from home
  • opportunity to study foreign languages
  • comprehensive training to become a dispatcher

If this job interests you

Send us an application and your CV, briefly outlining your background. The selection process is composed of multiple rounds. You will be informed of the next steps.

Fill in the contact form if you wish more information about positions.

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  • „I like my job, I'm frequently speaking foreign languages and I'm working with qualified and skilled colleagues. Last, but not least, the pay is more than enough. The advantages for new colleagues are worthwhile appraisals, job security, career development and various team-building activities. For this job I believe you need determination, willpower and estimating well what you can do.“

    Milan Rumančík, Dispatching 2 Department Manager

  • „I find working at ABONEX very attractive because you can work on your own schedule, I mean that you can choose how to plan your work and your success depends entirely on you. In this business, you have a free hand to realize your ambitions. In my opinion, the advantages of this job is that you learn a lot of new and interesting things, and it's really up to you how successful you're going to be. Therefore, I recommend working as a dispatcher because you can earn as much as you want. In this company I appreciate working in a team and certainly appreciate the benefits. I would recommend dispatching mainly for anyone already with working experience, although it may not necessarily be experience in transport or freight forwarding. I recommend this type of job to anyone that wants to settle down and is looking for job security, although it's something interesting even for those just out of school.“

    Peter Kašper, Head of the Pilot Dispatching Department

  • „Our work is dynamic. The more hours I work, the more I earn and the more geographic knowledge I pick up. Among the advantages of this kind of job, I can say the flexible working hours, the home office, a number of company benefits and using foreign languages. I should also mention great teamwork, a good salary and the ability to develop your skills. So what basic features should someone joining ABONEX have. Reliability, promptness and flexibility.“

    Katarína Horbaľová, Dispatcher