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What our customers say

  • „TEPLAN is a small, family-run transport company that has operated for more than 20 years. For almost 10 of those years we have been working with ABONEX, carrying out a number of regular and one-time transfers. All forwarding through ABONEX has always been under conditions previously agreed and I personally do not remember any complications. All transfers went according to plan and one of the most important things we can rely on is invoices paid on time.“

    Tomáš Teplan, TEPLAN s. r. o.

  • „Cooperating with ABONEX is a major asset for us. We are really satisfied with them. The biggest advantages they offer are fast, trouble-free forwarding and the ability to book freight transport at very short notice. Goods are always loaded and unloaded on time.“

    Ing. Jaroslav Smutný, Salamander TJS, s.r.o.

  • „We have been using ABONEX's services for more than 10 years. Confidence and responsibility are the key words that describe us working together. We are satisfied with how we communicate with each other and the overview of operations is truly excellent.“

    Bruno Chevret, JVB Transports

  • „Every week we forward freight through ABONEX. Their prices, reliability and efficiency are great and that is why we always come back to them.“

    Bas ter Huurne, TTS QUALITY LOGISTICS B.V.